If you arrive from Pau, wherever whom you are :

* To take always the direction > SARAGOSSA / OLORON ste MARIE
* to go round the city of GAN and to follow still > SARAGOSSA / OLORON
* having crossed 10 in 12 km you arrive in a said place named Bélair with at the top of the rib a restaurant on the right side " Restaurant Bellevue " 300m more low, take the direction Buzy -->3kms
* arrived at the village to STOP take to the left then 1st to the right, to follow panels " Lucie's House "

If you arrive from OLORON

* Take direction PAU
* go through a dozen km, after the railroad and the garage take direstion GOURETTE, ARUDY, OGEU.......
* Arrived at BUZY to take the 2nd street to the right, follow panels " Lucie's House "